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Friday, October 14, 2011

Count Your Blessings..

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts the past few days!

Your average person does not dwell on dark things, ideas or situations that could potentially happen to them. Most people carry on with their lives completely oblivious to all of the many dangers that surround them and more often than not, people have a tendency to take many simple things for granted. Most of the time you plan something and expect to execute it as planned, but sometimes, it just does not happen to work out that way. Life it seems to have it's own master plan and before you know it, you're sitting there with a stupid look on your face going, what just happened?!

My little one and i recently had one of those moments. We started off with quite a regular day. We woke up, had breakfast, played, enjoyed each other, you know, the regular old routine! I had planned on and was actually quite excited about enjoying a quiet lazy day and evening at home. Eating something hearty and delicious for dinner and watching some good old T.V. BUT. As the afternoon progressed things seemed to go slowly downhill. My little -MONSTER- started to become extremely fussy for no apparent reason. Then a girlfriend of mine called and had asked me if she could bring her two children over for be to babysit for the night because her husband was feeling severely ill and needed to be transferred to a hospital in a neighboring city, and she wanted to be with him. Of course I say yes! What kind of terrible friend would I be if i had said no? So I began to frantically clean my home, clearing the guest bedroom of random storage boxes, picking up laundry and the trail of crumbs my dearest daughter loves to leave behind.

We spoke to each other shortly afterwards and we agreed that her home is better suited for her children (equipped with toys appropriate with their age, along with their own beds) so I would instead just stay the night there and watch them. No biggie. So I quickly pack us up with things that we needed for the night, diapers, wipes, binky, blanket, Eeyore, toothbrush and a change of clothes. As i am about to step out of the door my neighbor calls me asking if I could possibly keep on eye on her child while she cleaned out the garage that her dog decided to poop all over in. She promised that it wouldn't take too long so of course I say alright and watched her. As she had promised, it did not take long at all.

Finally we got into the car and we were on our way! When I realized that I had not eaten dinner yet. So along the way I figured why not just go through a drive-thru? Of course I call my girlfriend to double check and ask her if she is in any particular rush, and she said no and go ahead and pick something up to eat. Awesome! So I kept my eyes peeled for the next fast food joint. AH-HA! Off in the distance I see a Wendy's. Perfecto.

The road that we were on was quite a busy one. Three lanes on each side of the middle turning lane. Speed limits were 45 and in some spots 50 mph. So I get into the far right lane and turn on my blinker and begin to slow down. I notice that the driveway to enter Wendy's is at quite an inconvenient spot. It was literally about a yard after a T intersection to a side street. As we were slowing down getting ready to turn into Wendy's a car on the side street pulled out a little. He stopped to look to his right, to check if he can pull into the center turn lane and go in the opposite direction that I was traveling. He had a stop sign, of course he'll stay put... right??
WRONG. As I am about to drive in front of him he punched the gas and hit us. BANG. It knocked my tiny car back about half a foot into the middle lane and i just sat in my car, with that stupid look on my face, going. "Oh my God, what just happened?"

It was a very intense and scary moment! This was the very first wreck I had ever been in. So many thoughts were buzzing around in my head. The biggest concerns I had was, Is my daughter okay? Are we safe? Quick, get her out of the car and off safely in the parking lot of the restaurant. I was so afraid the wreck would cause another wreck, I was afraid we would get rear-ended.

Looking back now, my accident was not the worst kind of wreck possible and in the grand scale of things, it was quite little. Thank God. The only damage/harm done was to our cars and all of us were safe and completely unscathed, including the other driver. My little babygirl was completely oblivious to what had happened and was just angry because she was stuck in her car seat out in the cool autumn night while we filed a police report and exchanged insurance information, etc. (all of which took about two hours, lol poor baby girl she was so tired.) I was just the only one who was emotionally a little rattled, and I admit, I did cry. The other driver was just concerned, a little angry, and very apologetic.

In the end, you couldn't have asked for a better outcome with a car wreck, everyone was OKAY. Count your blessings. Be thankful because in a split second, things can go awry and you'll be the one with that face!

Be safe everyone! God Bless!

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