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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update! Sorry it's been soooo long..

So! Sorry my dear readers (haha if there ARE any!!) that it has been such a long time since I have written!!
So many things have come to pass... where do I begin?
My husband finally came home about a week ago, so needless to say we have all been busy with catching up. Little booger butt "re-met" her Daddy and she was so incredibly funny, at first she was so very suspicious. But before we knew it she was SHRIEKING with joy and excitement!
Ever since he has been back it has been such a busy little home! Extra food, which means extra cooking, extra laundry! haha the list just never ends! BUT, i am SOOOOOO incredibly happy he is home i dont mind the extra's, and of COURSE who wouldn't enjoy having an extra pair of hands to help juggle a toddler around while you're trying to do chores!

Speaking of the toddler! Here is such an exciting milestone! She has begun to walk! YAYYY little one! Who doesn't love seeing that Frankenstein/Zombie walk!! tooooo cute.

Well my dear friends, I wanted to make this one longer but the beautiful Belle seems to not enjoy mommy staring at a laptop that she CANT have! so with this i am signing off till later! XOXO be well!

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