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Friday, December 16, 2011

Update & Good Night

Once again my loveys, I have been neglecting my little blog that I had started with so much enthusiasm! Boo on me! I know. Anyways, here are a few things that have happened. My wonderful husband decided to buy me a new car for an early Christmas pressie! It is a wonderful Jeep Grand Cherokee! A definite upgrade to a beat up used Bug. Which might I add is a terrible choice for a car for a Mommy!

Groceries, car seat, stroller, baby, me... there is just NOT enough room! It definitely becomes much like my little Belle's box toys, where you're trying to figure out how to cram things into this oddly shaped car! Although, I do have an extremely fond and HILARIOUS memory of when Mr. Hubby and I were expecting baby Belle, and we went to the fire station to have our car seat installed, and I stood outside and saw a large hefty firefighter and my extremely tall husband both crammed into the back seat, legs poking out the passenger and driver door and the trunk was open so they had space for their heads. I should have taken a photo! So! Now I am rolling around town doing my errands with my sleek and SEXY jeep! haha!

Christmas is coming soon, oh how I LOVE this season! As I have mentioned before I absolutely love the holidays. The cold, the warmth of being indoors, the BEAUTIFUL aromas of spices in food and in candles and air fresheners! That wonderful cinnamon-y smell that everyone knows. I am very very excited for our regular holiday trip to see the in-laws! Who doesn't like trips?

On a down note though, it seems that Mommy is the one "teething".. =( Super sad face. My horrible tyrant of a wisdom tooth has decided to erupt from my sensitive little gums. It is definitely terrible. Unfortunately for me, it is too close to our travel dates, that I will just have to take some pain medication and wait it out until we get back home! It makes me wonder if my poor baby is this miserable when she is teething! (No wonder she just howls in misery!!)

Sigh, Well my readers, with that said, it is time to retire for the night and hopefully get a wonderful full nights sleep before doing chores all day tomorrow! Good night and be well!