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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ahh, Mommy Time..

What a day. Nothing too interesting happened. Just a regular old day filled with the same things that I normally do. Wake up to my beautiful daughter who is filled with giggles and smiles. Have a nice breakfast. Pick up a few things here and there.

There definitely was a plus to my day! I had a chance to chat with my wonderful husband. That was nice. Of course it doesn't come close to a chat face to face, but you make due with what you've got and be thankful. We spoke to each other for quite a bit!

I look forward to hearing from him. It makes the day go by faster. Cheers you up when you are sad and of course, reminds you that you are loved, by that special someone.

Then before I knew it, it was time to say good-bye, and then dinner.

Tonight's dinner was oven baked chicken and green bean casserole. Yum!
I'll stick the recipe at the end of this. =) for any of you who want to try it out. .. that is if anyone is actually reading this! haha.

Oh and this also happened...
One of her FAVORITE skills to test out is her ability to open containers and dumping them out on the floor. OF COURSE everything tastes better once it has been seasoned with floor! DUH.

Then it was my little booger's bathtime, which of course, is her favorite time! We splashed and had a bit of fun then it is off to bed for her!

And now, it is finally some quiet Mommy time.
It always seems to me that in the evenings, when the house is quiet, the lights downstairs have been turned off, the leftovers put away, and it is just me alone on the computer aimlessly surfing the net is when I miss my husband the most. I miss those nights where we would cuddle together on the couch and watch T.V. or a movie. Or just... relax with each other. Two more months, and I will have that again. Hopefully my days until then will be just as quick as today was.

Well my lovely readers.. It is time for Mommy here to take a long hot bath and maybe accompanied with a glass of wine! =) Until next time...

Oven Baked Chicken.
Preheat your oven to 365F
Crush up a ziplock bag of French's Fried Onions
Coat your chicken breast with your fav. BBQ sauce
Cover your chicken with the crushed up onions

Line a pan with foil, and bake for about 40 minutes or until your chicken is cooked through.
Quick, Simple, Tasty. ^ Love recipes like those, when I've got my hands full with a 10 month old who wants to get into EVERYTHING! lol.

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