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Monday, February 20, 2012

Once again.. Sorry for such a long pause.

I have absolutely have been the worst person about updating these! Its funny that I can remember to write in my personal journal but apparently I can't seem to remember to do it online.

As far as blogs go, I'm quite unsure about what to write about, how to attract readers (obviously that means I'd have to write  more), how personal I should make this, and I'd I should strictly stick to one theme.

Bah....I'll figure it out and hopefully this will come together on its own over time.

On other things.
My sweet babygirl has made leaps and bounds on growing and developing. Apparently shes in a rush to be a big girl.

She's got a mouthful of bright white teeth, and she now runs around the house full speed. Her vocabulary so far seems to be: mama, da-ee (daddy), duck, dog, ba-ba(bye bye), beebee (baby)
All of which she proudly over and over haha. Silly pumpkin. She's also begun to "read" to herself which consists of her happily flipping the page and tilting her head side to side saying "da da dee ooowee dog ba ba ee ee dfffp " so cute.

Ahhh alright my cup of coffee has become empty and it is definitely time for me to start cooking breakfast.
signing off! Be well.


  1. So glad to see that there are other Army Wifes out there not knowing what to say but Blog anyway! I have chose to blog rather than post everything on Facebook. I have friends and family who like to keep informed and it makes things much easier to have it a one stop shop sort of feel. makes things easier on me and so on. So far it hasn't caught on though. Few check it out and comments just aren't being left. I noticed you have few followers and comments are few and far between. Keep up the work and be sure to realize there are long periods for most. My blog is at Come by and check it out! Oh, and good luck with your blog!

    1. Thank you!! =) i will definitely have to check out yours!